How It Began

How strange it feels to finally put a face to it all. But also very timely as POUF is close to celebrating its 1 year anniversary. Which seems unbelievable! From selling the first set of cups to a number of stylists that I had to built up the courage to contact - to sending off so many precious packages to customers all over the world, is truly such a privilege. So, let me just start by saying thanks to all of you who have supported POUF's journey, both as customers and as part of a wonderfully engaged Instagram community.

"Why don't you just try selling some of it?"

POUF started after a very gentle nook from my partner one evening, when I yet again was bookmarking vintage objects that I swooned over but couldn't afford. After a decade of consultation work with a UN agency, I had embarked on a climate tech start-up adventure and was bootstrapping everything. Money was short, needless to say, and then throw on top of it all, a unicorn craving toddler, the light of my life.

So I went ahead and bought what I thought people would want to buy: a number of wrought iron candleholders and terracotta jugs. Despite my best attempts, I had no idea how to style them. They didn't just look off mixed in with my own interior but the pictures I took felt forced, insincere and I ultimately deleted them from my freshly-born Instagram profile.

At this point, the aesthetics that came with such pieces was really honed by stylists such as Athena Calderone through her beautiful Eyeswoon universe, Christie Tyler with instant sell-out drops at Vollective and Lauren Sands who does no wrong with LES Collection. I quickly realised that instead of trying, and certainly failing, to emulate these talented creators, I should just lean into my own interior cravings: silver-toned tableware.

The first pieces

Setting a table has always been therapeutical to me. Having worked from home for more than a decade, setting my it's very much a ritual thing for my for myself and my family . The timeless Guido Bergna steel cups was an instant love for me and they were to set the aesthetic direction for POUF. Now, these particular cups are infamously difficult to track down in a good condition, the saucers being particularly unforgiving to lack of care. To my big surprise, the cups sold instantly, and it gave me the courage to trust my gut with

That's when I discovered the beautiful steel swirl cutlery from a woman sourcing directly from brocantes in France. And when I discovered my first silver plated shell dish, I

guiding principles

I hope you can tell how much I adore everything I sell at POUF. One of your most asked questions is what guides me when sourcing new pieces. It seems clumsy but it's really very simple. "Would I want live with this piece?"

And I so treasure the time, showever short, that I get to

It might surprise you to know that I've never been the one to go vintage hunting at flea markets (before now). I've never cared for patina Today, I